SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted not to allow police to deploy robots authorized to use lethal force on Tuesday. The proposal to use lethal force robots is part of a broader piece of legislation authorizing San Francisco PD to obtain and use military gear.

Tuesday’s vote will send the legislation back to committee and the board intends to continue debating the use of robots going forward. As a result of the supervisors’ vote, language authorizing the robots to use lethal force will be changed to suggest that the robots will not be allowed to use deadly force.

Last week supervisors voted eight-to-three to give the San Francisco Police Department the right to use remote-controlled armed robots in extreme situations

Police said these robots would only be deployed in emergency situations when they would be dangerous to send in officers. 

Critics say that is wreckless and a slippery slope.

A section of the policy on SFPD robots will now be sent back to the rules committee for review.