FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Court documents show the extensive criminal history of 23-year-old Nathaniel Dixon of Selma, the man accused of shooting and killing 24-year-old Selma Police Officer, Gonzalo Carrasco Jr., on Tuesday.

According to the court documents, in 2019 Dixon was convicted of second-degree felony robbery. He was in jail until July 2020 and then released on probation.

Sheriff’s Office officials say a month after his release, Dixon was re-arrested for carrying a loaded gun and possession of drugs. The drug charge qualified for zero-dollar bail, which meant that he only had to put up $10,000 on the other charge.

On August 19, 2020, Dixon was arrested again for five felonies and one misdemeanor, according to court documents. Those charges included possession of meth, being a felon with a firearm, and resisting a police officer. Dixon stayed in Jail until April 2022 when he was transferred to the state prison. Due to credits for time served and Assembly Bill 109, Dixon was released on probation.

According to legal analyst David Mugridge, AB 109 was passed due to prison overcrowding.

“We have started releasing large number of inmates and it will continue until legistlation is reversed. Maybe they say we have gone too far too fast and they may recend 109.”

David Mugridge, Legal Analyst

Once Dixon was released, the Sheriff’s Office says he was put on probation. In November 2022 he spent two weeks in jail for a violation, then he was released.

On Tuesday, he was arrested again, this time for allegedly shooting and killing Selma Police Officer, 24-year-old Gonzalo Carrasco Jr. According to Mugridge, some of the charges qualify for special circumstances, meaning the District Attorney will likely ask for life in prison or the death penalty.