FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – New details were brought to light Friday about the tragic death of Selma Police Officer Gonzalo Carrasco.

It came at a joint press conference held at the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, held by the Fresno County Sheriff, District Attorney, and Selma’s Police Chief, all in the day the man charged with murder appeared in court for the first time.

At Friday’s press conference, Selma Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz said Officer Gonzalo Carrasco wanted to be a cop since he was a child.

“He became a police explorer with the City of Reedley. Then, came over to the City of Selma, and was a volunteer in policing. Beyond that, he became a reserve police officer with the city of Selma. And then in 2021, he accomplished his dream of becoming a police officer with the Selma Police Department,” said Chief Alcaraz.

The chief also said that dream was stolen from him.

“I want to ensure that everyone knows that this young man came from a great family. His parents did everything right, he did everything right, and the biggest tragedy, that someone that did nothing right in their life, took that greatness from this world,” he said.

We got to see suspect Nathaniel Dixon in court for the first time Friday, although his arraignment was postponed until February 23 at 8:30 a.m.

He’s charged with murder.

“This murder qualifies as a special circumstances murder under the California Penal Code, and the penalty for such a crime is either life without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty,” said Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp.

The Fresno County Sheriff Friday said Dixon carried a ghost gun, a .223 caliber assault rifle, to kill the officer.

“Was not legally purchased, was purchased in parts having no serialized numbers. Parts that he could order to his house, put together, go out into our community and commit these acts of violence,” said Sheriff John Zanoni.

Sheriff Zanoni added that Dixon should have never had access to a gun.

“That’s what’s wrong with our criminal justice system. Gang members, convicted felons, individuals who have no legal authority to possess firearms having them out on our streets, able to hurt residents and individuals in our communities,” he said.

Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp, along with Sheriff Zanoni and Chief Alcaraz, all said the California penal system is flawed and was the reason Dixon was not behind bars.

“You do nothing to them to try to stop them, or deter them, or redirect them, or rehabilitate them, or educate them? Guess what they’re gonna do? said Smittcamp.

“They’re gonna come out more empowered. And they’re gonna walk down the streets of Selma with a ghost gun. And they’re gonna kill people. They’re gonna kill cops. They’re gonna kill good human beings who have done everything right,” she said.

If you would like to donate to Officer Carrasco’s family, you can do by sending a donation to the address below:

Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association
C/O Selma POA Memorial Fund
1360 Van Ness Avenue
Fresno, CA 93721