REEDLEY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Officer Gonzalo Carrasco’s hometown of Reedley came out Thursday with a massive amount of support, as the miles-long procession guided his casket to Reedley Cemetery. 

It was a heartfelt scene along Reed Avenue, outside the fallen officer’s alma mater, Reedley College. 

Dozens, if not hundreds of people lined the street, such as members of the American Legion Riders, a group of retired former military and police officers from around the state and valley. 

“We have about 25 riders out here at this particular area. We have a few more riders near the cemetery. Everybody will have flags,” said JD Bennett, one of the riders, a short time before the procession rolled through. 

It was a few former members of law enforcement, there to not only honor the young officer but to show understanding and support for his family, as well as fellow police officers that lost a brother in arms. 

To their delight, they were joined by a crowd of community members and students. 

“When you see college students coming out from the college to show their support, see community members just from all around, people standing on overpasses with flags, it’s pretty amazing,” said Bennett. 

One of the students mentioned was Dejalia Borquez, president of Reedley College’s ‘Crim Club’ at the school, a club for students focusing on careers in criminal justice. 

She and many others are now on a path following in Officer Carrasco’s footsteps. 

“He was probably one of us. He was a lot of us, you know? There’s a lot of students here that are probably taking the exact same route that he was taking, going to the academy straight out of college and going to the police force,” said Borquez, a first-year student at Reedley College. 

Others joined in to share kind words, and wish a touching goodbye to one of Reedley’s finest, as well as the men and women who do the job day in and day out. 

“I wish it was under better circumstances that we could show our appreciation. I just felt it was important to be here to show the family support and also the community support. As well as all the other officers involved here that their effort does not go unnoticed,” said Louis Long, a Reedley resident of over 20 years, and an instructor at Reedley College.