Costco is removing Polish hot dogs from its food court menus to make way for healthier options. Shockingly, some longtime Costco customers are not too happy.

A #SaveThePolishDog campaign is underway on social media to persuade Costco to reverse course, with one Twitter user declaring, “Cut the regular hot dog, if you must, but removing the Polish dog is the worst possible decision.”

The addition of acai fruit bowls, organic burgers and plant-based protein salads to its food court offerings doesn’t mean Costco is nixing its original $1.50 all-beef hot dog combo — 137 million of which sold last year. 

“The all-beef hot dog remains,” Richard Galanti, the retailer’s CFO, told the Seattle Times. 

The retail giant started hinting at menu changes to come at the beginning of the year, with Craig Jelinek, Costco’s chief executive, informing shareholders in January that “not everybody gets as excited about pizza and hot dogs as I do.” 

And, while fans of the Polish dog can still buy the product in bulk and enjoy at home, that knowledge did not appease all on social media, with one person tweeting that the company was “ruining” his life, as he prefers to buy a Polish dog as he walks out the retailer’s door.