Sanger Unified School District broke ground this morning on their 54 million dollar educational complex.

Pete Filippi is the Sanger Unified Board President. He said this has been a long time coming.

“We’ve been on this project for ten years now and we are just now getting to the point where we can start putting buildings up.”

According to the school district this is the first phase for the new complex which will eventually be a high school and junior high. 

Adela Jones is the Sanger Unified Superintendent. She said the old high school is just not equipped to handle so many students. 

“Our district continues to grow which we are really thrilled about,” said Jones. “Right now our current high school was built for 22 hundred students we have 31 hundred students there.”

Because of the overcrowding Sanger High has put up numerous portable classrooms to house an influx of students to the district. 

But, the portable classrooms are just a temporary fix. 

Alyssa Nasalroad said she has four kids who all attend school in Sanger and dealing with the overcrowded classrooms is a struggle.

“It impacts the classroom when the kids, you know, there are so many kids in the classroom,” said Nasalroad. “The teachers try hard but we would like to see them in a better environment.”

According to the blueprints the two new schools will be able to alleviate the overcrowding by accommodating more than four thousand students. 

“It’s going to provide so many opportunities for our kids,” said Nasalroad. “My oldest is in 8th grade and starting high school next year so he will be there for the transition as they open this new campus.”

The education complex is expected to be completed in 18 months and is contingent on the passage of measure B in this upcoming election.