Roosevelt High School students unveiled their new campaign encouraging teens to not drink.


Monday morning Roosevelt High School students with the organization Friday Night Live unveiled their Taking Back our Billboard Campaign.

Friday Night Live is an organization that focuses on students staying away from alcohol and drugs. There are many chapters all through out Fresno Unified and the state of California. 

Cynthia Rocha is the program manager for Friday Night Live for Fresno Unified. She says they surveyed students at Roosevelt High School on drinking alcohol within the past 30 days and 80% of students said they did not drink any alcohol. 

“Student at Roosevelt High School in particularly are choosing not to drink alcohol which is something to celebrate,” says Rocha.

Nicole Lee has been with Saturday Night Live for 2 years. She says billboards surrounding her high school are usually about alcohol or unhealthy food.

“A billboard that we use to have in the back used to be food,” says Nicole. “So, I feel like it is really nice to have something positive up there.”

Christina Garcia is a sophomore at Roosevelt High School. She says the fact 80% of students said they did not drink alcohol shows not everyone parties in High School.

“Not all youth like to party not all youth like to drink,” says Christina. “Not all youth go around and throw away their education.”

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