Romaine lettuce recalled due to E. coli outbreak. Local restaurants and stores taking precautions.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating an E. Coli outbreak contaminating romaine lettuce. 

They are warning if you have any in your fridge — throw it out!

According to reports, 32 people in 11 states have gotten sick, including 10 in southern California.

The CDC does not know which brand of romaine lettuce is associated with the outbreak, that is why they’re saying don’t buy any of it.

Doctors say the symptoms can come 2 to 8 days after consumption. 

Wednesday, many were having to rethink the leafy greens they might normally use as a Thanksgiving side dish. 

“It’s a bad time because of Thanksgiving and people usually have salad during Thanksgiving,” said Victor Ordunez, a Fresno resident.

On Tuesday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a broad scale public health notice to remove all romaine lettuce from your fridge, stores, and restaurants. 

“We know exactly that the farms that we buy from through Saladinos food service, we know 100 percent that they have not had any contact or concern from the government,” said Mike Shirinian, owner of Elbow Room in Fig Garden.

He said although he trusts his suppliers, he’s making sure his customers are protected by removing romaine from the menu for now.

“We’ve elected to play it safe so that there’s no question in anybodys mind you know that the product that they’re getting here is safe,” Shirinian said.

Grocery stores here in the Valley are doing the same. 

Save Mart issued a statement the reads in part, “Save Mart and FoodMaxx stores have pulled all romaine lettuce products off the shelves until further notice.”

The FDA is reporting the contaminated lettuce likely came from California. 

Doctors say E.Coli can be dangerous for certain people. 

“E.Coli causes gastroenteritis, which most commonly presents itself as an upset stomach, as well as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fevers,” said Rais Vohra, Medical Director for the Medical California Poison Control System and associated professor for UCSF .

Experts say that romaine lettuce shelf life is usually about a week to two weeks. But still the CDC warning still stands until further notice.

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