'Roll One For Mi' restaurant owner faces backlash over Facebook post

FRESNO, Calif. - A local restaurant owner is facing backlash for a social media post, gone wrong. Many say his claims in the post about Hispanic customers, are racist.

Steve Wayte, owner of Roll One for Mi, sushi restaurant, said he was trying to be funny.
"It was a joke and it got way out of hand and I can't believe I'm even here having to answer questions," said Steve Wayte, owner, Roll One for Mi.
Wayte said posted on Facebook, Friday, "My servers are thinking about building a wall around the restaurant. Why don't many Hispanics tip? Really? Zero, Ziltch, Nada."
Wayte said he posted the statement after customers at four tables in his restaurant, who were Hispanic, did not leave a tip.
"I went onto my personal Facebook page and made an off-color joke about building a wall, it was in poor taste and I sincerely apologize for anyone that was offended," said Wayte.
Wayte received backlash from Facebook and Twitter users, including former Fresno County Supervisor and former Mayoral Candidate, Henry Perea, who responded to the post.
"The statement I made is well, we're going to help him build an economic wall," said Henry Perea, former Fresno County Supervisor. "If people don't like the comments that were made, if that's not something they relate to, then exercise your right to either go or not go to that business." 
Wayte told us that he was just looking out for his servers and one of Wayte's employees defended him, Sunday.
"Steve is like a friend a very close friend and all his friends and everyone that comes in here knows that there was no bad intensions with those comments they all kind of laugh it off just like we did," said Carlos Rucker, employee, Roll One for Mi.
But one woman we spoke with outside the restaurant said she does not find the post funny and will take her business elsewhere.
"I use to come here, but I won't anymore," said Olga Castaneda Simmons, customer.
As for the post, the owner deleted it from his account. 

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