Robbers steal beer from AMPM, but not before assaulting two men

FRESNO, Calif. - Three robbers get away with a case of beer, but not before police said they assaulted two people. Fresno Police said it happened late Sunday night to early Monday morning at the AMPM near Clinton and Marks.

The whole ordeal was caught on surveillance cameras, and police hope people will recognize the suspects and turn them in.

Lt. Mark Hudson said the men are considered dangerous, and now face felony strong armed robbery charges.

A cashier, named Miguel, has been at the AMPM for 12 years. He said unfortunately petty thefts happen all the time.

"We try to keep an eye on everybody, but it's just hard, you know? All day, and mostly when we're really busy, you just can't look everybody, you know?" said Miguel.

The owner of the AMPM tells said she warns her employees not to intervene during a robbery, but Miguel said he understands why his co-worker stepped in.

He said, "If we don't do something, they just gonna continue doing it, you know?"

Fresno Police said they're grateful the surveillance video is so clear. They're confident an arrest will be made soon.

Lt. Mark Hudson stated, "They [the cameras] clearly identify the suspects. If anybody knows them, they'll be able to clearly know who they are."

If anyone has information on this case, you're urged to contact Fresno Police or Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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