This weeks Ride of the Week takes us on a detour as we honor Edward Fritz and his drum kit.

He set up on Fulton Street to add his beats to the event after a jam at Tokyo Garden fell thru.

“ I had my drums in my car and just felt like playing/practicing. I enjoy practicing in public spaces where one does not expect to find a drummer. “

Fritz plays in a number of local bands, but has also set up solo in some other unusual spots, like “on top of the spiral garage at 2 am, the rail road tracks off of Weber and Marty at 11 pm.”

Fritz sees the Sunday cruising as a positive thing for Downtown Fresno.

“It’s really nice to see a city get together like that. I’ve discovered the cruise after one of the Sunday jams at Tokyo Gardens and ended staying for a bit. I appreciate classic cars, and have been wanting to get back to working on my 76 Datsun 280z. Witnessing some of these cars is really inspiring to work on my own cars.”

Fritz’s ride on this Sunday is a circa turn of the Century DW kit he got on his 18th year of drumming from Bentley’s here in Fresno. To go with our automotive theme, Fritz tells is, “The hardware that holds up the drums is all Dw 9000 hardware. It’s like the Cadillac of drum gear. Built tough and designed to lasts forever.”

You can see more of Edward Fritz on his Instagram page,