In a unanimous vote Fresno city council plans to attract new businesses, create more green space and build more housing on the Westside.

City council agreed to change land use in the area by rezoning industrial areas to office zoning to create economic growth.

it’s a plan to revitalize the Westside that will span decades and it’s called the Southwest Fresno Specific Plan.

Officials say changing the zoning prevents any new industrial businesses coming to the area. They want to encourage more commercial businesses and residential development so people who live on the Westiside won’t have to go to a different part of town to enjoy living in fresno.

“If you want to go to a nice restaurant you got to leave west Fresno, if you want to go to a movie theater you got leave west Fresno, if you want to get your clothes cleaned you got to leave west Fresno, these are basic human needs and we believe that we are entitled to those same kind of amenities,” said Mary Curry, longtime resident.

Curry has lived on the westside since the 50’s, she’s long awaited the day it will become useful for something other than meeting industrial needs.

“West Fresno has been neglected for years, it seemed like all the industrial stuff especially that undesirable industrial was being left in west Fresno and we did not want that,” said Curry.

City council finally heard the voices of people like Curry and unanimously passed the Southwest Fresno Specific Plan.

Eric Payne, an elected official and native of the Westside is on the committee that created the plan.

He says 120 acre lot across from Gaston Middle School is one of the projects in the plan.

“it will include a community college campus designation as well as single family housing and commercial and mixed-use uses,” said Eric Payne, State Center Community College Trustee District 2.

Amongst other projects Payne says the old Running Horse development on Kearney blvd will be turned into a residential neighborhood.

“I think that this plan is a game changer for this community, the one thing the Westside is lacking is opportunity and this plan will change that” said Payne.

Curry hopes Payne is correct and the Westside will look like neighborhoods in Clovis and north Fresno.

“Our kids don’t even have a park or movie theater or bowling alley to go to,” said Curry. “They have nice homes and nice businesses and that’s what we want.”

The next phase for the committee is to draft an environmental impact report expected to be done sometime early next year.