New cellphone video taken, thousands of feet up, on the side of Yosemite’s Mount Watkins.

39-year-old Vincent Worth, injured, strapped into a special chair and lifted up into a helicopter.

This after falling, mid-climb, when Worth says, one piece of gear fell out of a crack, bringing others with it.

“I heard it zipper like, ‘pop pop pop pop,'” Worth described. “So I knew I was going to fall really far.

“I was just yelling at my belayer, ‘take take take,’ ’cause I didn’t know how, I knew I was going to go very far, but I didn’t know if I was going to hit like a ledge or something, below.”

Worth’s safety rope worked, his climbing partner, pulling him in.

Worth’s arm, bleeding.

“And I could feel the arm, kind of the bone was moving around.”

Worth had a serious complex fracture, the bone puncturing through his skin.

“I was getting cold and dizzy.”

The duo calling Yosemite Search and Rescue, California Highway Patrol Central Division Air Operation’s H-40 moving in, lowering Flight Technician Jack Hoeflich down, throwing a rope to the climbers.

Eventually, making contact.

“Hooked me up, and they just took me right up, it was pretty amazing,” Worth recalls. 

Hoeflich then securing the other climber, and finally, himself.

Worth on the ledge about an hour, sending his family a photo after, letting them know, he was safe. Thanking his rescuers.

“Maybe another 5 feet, and I actually probably could’ve hit a ledge and could’ve died,” Worth said. “In all, I’m very fortunate in every way.”