REEDLEY, California (KSEE) — She spent 25 years in business consulting, worked as CEO for the Reedley Chamber of Commerce, and served as the director of development for the Girl Scouts.

But it wasn’t until recently that Kimberly Hoff found her life’s mission.

A snapshot into the life of Kimberly Hoff. You’d never guess she was once an insecure little girl who suffered from debilitating panic attacks.

“I had to start looking into myself and make friends with this girl in the mirror because everywhere I go there she is,” Hoff said.

Once she started talking about her panic attacks, she discovered the power of positivity and the wonder of words.

“We need to talk one on one and be real; we need to be transparent and say ‘You’ve got this; you can do this.’ And it can be just a smile, and it changes everything,” she said.

So with a smile and her voice, she created “Bootcamp to Beautiful” as a hope coach and motivational speaker. Mental strength training is what she calls it.

“We hide behind how we look, what we drive, what we wear – married to. And if you strip those away and kick those crutches out, we begin to understand that we are powerful all by ourselves.”

That powerful way of thinking has helped this mother of three also become a drummer, runner, professional photographer, and passionate volunteer.

She’s taken 15 trips with the Central Valley Honor Flight, helps direct the Fresno Veteran’s Day Parade, produces videos for the Clovis Veterans Memorial District, and assists in organizing the Storyland and Fresno Veterans Gala.

“We need to understand, respect, and hope and so being able to give back to them is the greatest joy and I love every single minute with them,” she said.

So whether it’s a plane full of veterans or simply a group of six, she considers engaging with people a gift.

“Every person I look at I think, ‘What is it about you that I need to know.’ Because I see their eyes light up when they realize who they are and what they bring to light. That’s everything to me.”

Words only a remarkable woman would find joy in saying.