FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) — Sally Caglia of Fresno is described as a woman who “walks the walk” and “makes things happen.”

She’s served on so many boards and organizations throughout the Valley, it’s hard to keep track.

But one thing’s for sure, she’s not stopping anytime soon.

What’s next is a question Caglia often asks herself – moving from one project to the other.

Today, she and her fellow members of the board of the Fresno Cultural Arts Rotary Club organized a career day at Soul High School.

A school in downtown Fresno that caters to kids with troubled lives.

“It encourages an outlet for the students to be able to hear what their options are, and talk to the professionals we have everything from marines to highway patrol,” Caglia said.

Her reasoning is simple. If not us, then who? A philosophy she has lived by serving on several boards in the Valley, including the Fresno Chamber of Commerce… The Fresno Historical Preservation District and the Warnors Center for Performing Arts to name a few.

“I’ve been involved in the major projects – Storyland and Jazz – then Shinzen Stroll where I’ve chaired, and I might be taking on the role again this year – helping organize our major fundraisers which raises money for scholarships,” Caglia said.

Money used to bring the arts to young students.

“I believe the arts are very important,” she said. “Either music, painting, or sculpture or dance. It allows the expression of humanity in some way.”

A single mom who raised four children and credits her large family for helping her. And while her kids are grown now and live in different parts of the country and world, she’s here to stay.

“I think they’d be very proud and say,” Caglia said. “Finally, you deserve it. They’re always saying ‘slow down, you do too much,’ but I enjoy it.”

Proving that giving back is part of what makes someone remarkable.

“Someone with integrity – dignity. A caring heart, community-minded and just loves her neighbor, that’s all.”

A simple motto coming from a remarkable woman.