FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – The power of the sun is intense and practically year-round in the Central Valley, it’s used to power our homes – and when you step outside, it can cool off your head.

The Kool Breeze Solar Hat is the unique design of former solar provider and engineer Tommy Nellon of Fresno. Demand for it is growing with the help of his remarkable wife and company president, Dr. Vernice Nellon.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Vernice has helped guide her company forward. First launched in 2013, the solar-powered hats are now carried in stores like Walmart and

The hats in multiple styles are made by hand in Fresno.  A small solar panel on top powers a fan when it hits the sun.  The air flows through a hole in the back, creating a breeze on top of your head.

Dr. Vernice Nellon is passionate about her business and helping others.  She sits on multiple boards like the San Joaquin Manufacturing Alliance, serves on the Economic and Entrepreneurial Task Force for the state of California, and was honored by the Obama Administration as a “Champion of Change” for innovation in renewable energy.