FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Without a doubt, family is everything to Amy Galyan of Fresno.  

Her home is like a colossal playhouse with every room full of fun for kids. She and her husband Dave have a lot of kids, eight of them. Three are Amy and Dave’s biological children, three are adopted and two will be adopted.

The additions began seven years ago when the Galyan’s opened their home and hearts to foster kids.

“So we want to invest in as many kids as we can to change the dynamics of which way their life could go and let them see they have choices,” explains Amy.

Foster parenting, Amy says, is challenging and rewarding, but she and her family are hooked.

“They come from a dark place and they come from broken places and just to see them thrive and to grow and to want to turn around and give back themselves, we just don’t want to ever stop,” she says.

Amy says it’s important for her adopted children to reconcile with their biological parents if they can.  Like her first two adopted daughters, who were able to reconnect with their birth mom who has since passed away. A photo sits on her fireplace mantel showing the girls with their mother and Amy considers it a prized possession.

Serving the community is also a big part of Amy’s life.  While she teaches preschool part-time, she also organizes a twice-yearly event called “Christmas on ‘G’ Street” and what she describes as a big block party and barbecue for the homeless and families in need.

“We have haircuts, we have face painting, Christmastime we have Santa and the Grinch come out.  We just go and love on these people.  We do hot cocoa bars, we do firepits, and all the things,” says Amy.

She’s got a lot of love to give, both in her home and in her community. It’s what makes Amy Galyan of Fresno, truly remarkable.