If you’re big on recycling you may have noticed a few places in town that stopped accepting your cans and bottles.
We’re told multiple locations across town have put up closed signs where recyclables use to be accepted.
Bottles, cans, the usual. all things people collect and turn in for cash, except now some of the centers, owned by RePlanet have closed down. “We had contracted our recycling services through RePlanet and it’s an unfortunate situation that RePlanet has closed a number of locations”, says Nannette Miranda, public affairs manager for Savemart.
Savemart officials say that 40 of their grocery stores have stopped working with RePlanet, four alone in the Fresno area.
That includes the location off First and Nees.
Councilman Lee Brand has been working to close these centers, because of the crime he says they bring to residential areas. Brand says, “people go and they commit crimes they get into recycling they break into your garage, they break into your car”
He says quite a few have stopped collecting.
“About seven in Fresno has closed down from a lot of pressure from not just me but a lot of other people too”, says Brand.
“Those particular recyclers use to get an extra stipend from the state, they have cut that back, those are closing down, we’re seeing a lot of new faces here at our site because we’ve been here for so long”, says owner of the Recyco Inc. Becky Morlock.
But there are still many large centers that are open and ready for your recyclables, like Recyco Inc. off Maple and Olive.
Owners are also seeing a large crowd of people coming in. Morlock says, “maybe a hundred more per day”.
The next time you bring your products into your local grocery store for money, you won’t be seeing as many of these,  to collect.
“We know this is an inconvenience but we know that if people want to come into our store, our store employees are happy to help anyone find a location that’s within the county that can help them recycle their materials”, says Miranda.
We did try reaching out to RePlanet, but they did not return our calls.