Reading, it’s  a passion for 9-year-old Danay Ferguson.  She loves to do it, and she loves sharing it with others.
Danay is the youngest business owner in Fresno.  She created the Reading Heart program.  Her mission is to increase literacy by putting a book in the hands of every child in Fresno.   She handed some out earlier today at the Lighthouse Child Development Center, the home of First Five Fresno County
Emilia Reyes, Executive Director of First Five Fresno County was thrilled .  “It was pretty exciting to see her actually read in English and Spanish to a group of kids.  And showing them the love for books.  It’s just fun and exciting,”  she said.
Another exciting moment, the presentation of a 3-thousand dollar check from First Five for Danay’s book collection drive.  That will go a long way to help fulfill her dream.  “That $3,000 check will be able to help every single elementary.  Because that $3,000 check will help Reading Heart collect 2,400 books,”  she said.
Danay’s ultimate goal is to collect 500,000 books.  She’s collected 90,000 so far.  A great start to inspire a love for reading in kids from birth and beyond.
According to Emilia Reyes, “We know 90 percent of brain develops in the first five years of life and it really starts at the womb and we’re excited she’s going to be able to get books to kids under 5.”