FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) — A demonstration was held in Fresno Sunday to bring attention to the violent clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan as troops battle over the breakaway state of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The ongoing conflict dating back to the 90’s was reignited after recent attacks.

“On the 27th of September, Azerbaijan launched another attack, and it’s pretty much turned into a full-blown war,” said Silva Kovalenko, a demonstrator at the rally.

Hundreds of people gathered at Fresno City Hall, then moved to River Park, honoring the fallen soldiers and calling for peace.

“So far we have 201 fallen soldiers. They’re our heroes,” said Kovalenko. “They’re protecting our borders.”

“To show support, to show the fallen soldiers, their families, and the soldiers that are currently fighting on the front lines that, you know, stay strong, we’re here, we’re your guys’ backbones,” said demonstrator Sambel Kazaryan at the rally.

Kazaryan said his uncle is currently fighting on the front lines, and he just got a call that his cousin, who’s also a soldier in Armenia, is in the hospital after surviving an attack.

“The bomb, the explosion killed everybody from his crew, and he stayed alive, but he had gunshot wounds to his lower spine area, to his arms, he had the bomb shards throughout his body wherever he wasn’t covered by the tree. Thank God the tree was there. It saved his life, but I’m sorry for the fallen ones, the ones that didn’t make it,” said Kazaryan.

There are similar events planned in Fresno throughout the week to bring attention to a conflict that affects many in the Central Valley.