Rain Will Impact Search and Recovery Efforts at Camp Fire Devastation Sites


 FRESNO, Calif. — Days after the Camp Fire ripped through the town of Paradise, the search for bodies continues after the devastating camp fire.

Search and recovery teams are working methodically through dangerous obstacles to find remains that are now just ash.

“Sometimes it would look like you have something but you would go down to touch something and pick it up and it would desolve,” said Leticia Funderburke, Deputy Coroner Fresno County Sheriff.  

Deputy Coroner, Leticia Funderburke was one of a few coroners sent to the camp fire from the Fresno county sheriffs department. She returned after several days there on Sunday. It was a part of a mutual aid request.

“There are so many people that need to be found and it is devastating,” said Leticia Funderburke. 

She said it was near impossible to find the remains but another challenge is coming. Rain is set to hit the town of paradise this week.. 
 “I think it will make it a lot more difficult to find anyone,” said Funderburke.

Coroners and other search and rescuers say the wet conditions could wash the remains, and bone fragments away.  

Any time that we have a fire and it burns the vegetation off, there’s obviously a potential for mudslides. We’ve got a team that’s coming to check the area to let us know the highest potential,” said Josh Bishof, Cal Fire Operations Chief. 

Deputy Funderburke said all the crews there will fight to find as many remains, because it is all about the families who have lost loved ones. 

“That is what we are there to do, bring them closure,” said Funderburke. 

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