Rain could impact your Thanksgiving travel plans

Holiday travels and weather conditions 1

We are expecting rain the next few days and that could impact your travel plans.

The California Highway Patrol is asking everyone to be cautious. 

They said the first rainfall of the season will mix with oil on the pavement and that could make the roads slippery. 

AAA is estimating more than 54 million people traveling away from home this holiday season. 

Expect it to be a mad rush out there, especially Thursday which is when the majority of drivers will hit the road. 

Because of the rain expected, you are asked to check simple things like your tire tread and the windshield wipers. 

You should also leave with plenty of time to spare..

Also Sunday is expected to be another busy travel day as people return home. 

If they want to avoid that traffic if possible its recommended to head back earlier than that or wait until Monday. 

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