We have continuing coverage of a shooting that left three men dead in Fresno. We’re learning more about the two suspects who police said are gang members. Investigators said 27-year-old Elijah Mays and 23-year-old Xavier Williams came from the Sacramento area, and for some reason got into a gun fight with a family near Peach and Olive in East Central Fresno.

Police are still trying to determine a motive in the fatal shooting. Mays and Williams were half-brothers and Chief Jerry Dyer said the two had an extensive criminal history. Why Mays and Williams were in Fresno, and why they got into a gun fight with the Yang family, remains a mystery.

Dyer said, “We’re still trying to determine what led up to that shooting, we do know that there were two individuals from the Stockton area that had come to Fresno and made entry into that residence.”

Dyer said Mays and Williams got into a gun fight inside of the home off Hammond Avenue. A 30-year old man living inside allegedly defended himself using an AR15 rifle, however it’s undetermined who fired first.

“He has provided information to our detectives about what occurred. One of those statements was that, when he came out into the living room area, his father was being held by one of the suspects, and a gun was pointed at his father, and that’s when he fired at the suspects,” stated Dyer.

As a result of the shooting, Mays, Williams, and 69-year old Chong Yang died. Yang was the father of the 30-year old man. That man survived with only a wound to the shoulder, and Dyer said he remains in stable condition. Dyer said Mays and Williams were gang members. Criminal records from San Joaquin County show the two had been arrested previously for robbery, grand theft, and even murder. But why they came to the house armed is still being investigated.

Dyer ended, “Don’t know if it was a mistaken residence, whether or not they were doing a home invasion robbery, or whether some other circumstances led up to that.”