FRESNO, California – An update to a story we brought you on Monday of a stray dog found trapped in a tar pit, near a Fresno business.

The Central California S.P.C.A. named her Tara. After a good scrub-down and a haircut, they say she is now getting adopted.

We’re told Tara will be adopted by the man who actually found her. He did not want to go on camera but the S.P.C.A. says he is thankful the dog was not badly hurt.

This sweet rambunctious puppy is as happy as can be. She’s loving every minute of affection, wagging her tail at all she sees.

But that was not the case nearly two weeks ago. Take a look at these photos, the poor pup was covered in tar.

“Our stray animals typically are just found the streets running loose and scared, this situation is rare,” says Walter Salvari with the Central California S.P.C.A.

The S.P.C.A. says the dog was found trapped up to her neck in a tar pit near a central Fresno business.

They say an overnight security guard at the business stated he heard noises but did not see the dog until he was up close.

It took about an hour but rescuers were able to wedge a board under the dog and lift her out of the pit. The five-month-old pup was taken to a vet hospital, treated and given quite the number of baths.

“That’s the one thing we had to do here at the shelter is take several baths and snip some hair off her skin in order for it to grow back naturally, it’s not going to affect her in anyway,” Salvari explained.

The folks at the S.P.C.A. say Tara is a pit bull/ terrier mix. The S.P.C.A says they receive about 75 strays a day, so with Tara, they say they are just thankful she is alive and doing well.

“We’re just lucky that Tara did come to the shelter when she did and someone was there to witness and have nothing worse happen to her,” Salvari expressed.

The Central California S.P.C.A. says the man is extremely happy to give Tara her forever home.