Protesters Gather At Nunes Office In Clovis

In Clovis protesters are once again lining the streets to send a message to one of our lawmakers in Washington. Today’s protest is inspired by the response of congressman Devin Nunes to the resignation of Michael Flynn as a national security advisor.
This protest has a different tone to it than the one here about a few weeks ago. This protest is not about the president, but specifically aimed at the role of congressman Devin Nunes. The protest is being fueled by members of the Courage Campaign.
Some of the protesters are calling for Nunes to resign, while others just want to send a clear message to the congressman they are not happy with his decision not to investigate Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia.  “Many people are calling for an investigation we think it needs to happen. We’ve got to get to the bottom of this to protect our democracy so we’re calling on Deven Nunes to do something”, said protester Dave Derby.
Many of the protesters out here say this is one of the first protests they’ve been a part of in years and they feel this is a matter of national security.  The protest disbanded shortly before 5 O’clock.

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