Proposed law would let you take multiple driver's license photos – for a fee

Do you hate your driver's license photo? A new bill moving through the legislature would allow you to take multiple photos.

Drivers who don't like their first photo will have the option to choose from others. However – they'll have to pay a fee to do it.

“I've had very few people who have said ‘Yeah, I love my photo,’ said state Sen. Josh Newman of Fullerton. “And I'll say in my own experience, I think I blinked or something at the DMV, and I said to the nice woman who took the photo ‘I think that wasn't so good,' and she said ‘Live with it.’”

Under the measure, drivers would also have the option to have their photo taken off-site and bring it into the DMV. Lawmakers say it would be similar to taking a passport photo.

Lawmakers say the revenue from the photo fees would help fund driver's education programs in public schools.

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