President Trump surveys wildfire devastation, pushes for unity


It’s been a week since President Donald Trump tweeted heated comments criticizing California’s forest management — not to mention threats to halt federal funding. Saturday he was in a different tune, having hearty handshakes with the state’s governor and governor-elect and calling for united support for those harmed by the fires.

From one aircraft to another, Trump stayed focused on the reason he came to California as soon as he touched down at Beale Air Force Base in the Golden State. Going from Air Force One straight to a helicopter headed for the Camp Fire in Butte County.

As he surveyed the damage, he talked with victims who have lost everything. As he did, he stood strong on a message of unity. All the while standing side-by-side with the Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsome.

“Jerry and I have been speaking, Gavin and I have now gotten to know each other,” Trump said when he addressed media in Paradise. “We’re all going to work together and we’ll do a real job.”

A message, just a week after calling out the way the state has managed its forests, going as far to say it’s the reason the wildfires have gotten to this magnitude.

That criticism is why some evacuees weren’t excited about Trump’s visit.

“I think it’s just showboating. He’ll come in and try to take credit after he’s insulted the firefighters, the police, the military, the handicapped, women,” said Terry Lee, who lost his home in the fire.

Not all felt this way, though, many evacuees are excited that the country’s leader will know exactly what people are facing.

“All across California, fires are burning us up and people need to know what’s happened,” said Chico evacuee Vern Logue.

Trump returned to Air Force One around 2 p.m. at Beale Air Force Base. He then visited sites scorched by southern California’s Woolsey Fire.

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