Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas season is officially underway.

A lot of folks are breaking out their decorations, including those who live on Christmas Tree Lane.

We’re less than a week away from the 95th annual opening day.

There are many displays that people will see if they walk or drive down Christmas Tree Lane.

Folks in the area say it’s a magical tradition. But before we enjoy the lights galore, those who live along the lane are already preparing for the big opening day.

“I start in the middle of October on my house itself, it takes me seven weekends just to get my house going,” Dean Alexander, chairman of Christmas Tree Lane, said.

Alexander said for the last 20 years, he’s been the grand finale. This year, he said there are plenty of new displays.

“Christmas Tree Lane is the only thing that Fresno has that nobody else has, it’s very unique to Fresno and we’ve been doing it for 95 years so it’s pretty awesome,” Alexander said.

While Alexander got a head start, for others, it’s crunch time.

“Takes about four days to get everything up and everything hooked up so it’s not that bad,” Flindt Andersen, a resident on Christmas Tree Lane, said.

Even the littlest helpers, working hard for the big day.

“We’re putting up a simple nativity scene in our yard and going to put up exterior lights over the next couple of days,” Riley Chaney, a resident on Christmas Tree Lane, said.

With more than a million lights on homes and displays, stretching over the two mile lane, the longest in the world, according to Alexander.

He said except for the big trees all of the homeowners foot the PG&E bill.

“So, that’s just giving back to the community,” Alexander said.

Even though it’s quite the ordeal, he said it’s worth it.

“It’s just a wonderful thing to share with your family and it gets you into the spirit of Christmas,” Alexander said.

Christmas Tree Lane opens Saturday, December 2 and runs until Christmas Day.