Prather farm turns goat milk into gifts


A Prather farm is turning their goat milk into popular beauty products.

Kim Spruance and her husband own Basilwood Farm in Prather. A few years ago, they bought goats to use for milk and cheese.

“We had excess milk, so I started looking for other things to do with it, and fell on soap,” Spruance explained.

Six years later, her idea has become a booming business. She handcrafts about 60 varieties, now sold across the Valley and out-of-state.

The luxury soaps take about one month to make. They’re more than just pretty and unique, the goat milk is packed with vitamins.

“It’s good for skin that is damaged by the sun for rejuvenation, it helps for anti-aging and it’s super moisturizing so it’s particularly good for people who have eczema, psoriasis,” Spruance said.

You can find more about Basilwood Farm here. Click on the tab ”Stockists” to view where you can purchase their product.

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