A game of skill  .. for young and old… and even some creatures in between.

   This is Blue Fin Billiards in Fresno.  A busy place with one table that stands out from the rest.  It’s pink!  Owner Tommy Hill covered it himself.  And when customers play on it, the proceeds from this table are donated to the fight against breast cancer.  “We have 25 pool tables.  I figured we had plenty of tables that I could donate one table to the cause,” says Hill.  “Breast cancer is something that affects everybody.  Everybody knows somebody– a loved one or a friend that has suffered breast cancer,” he says.

   The pink table is where the Knights of the Shield in Fresno will hold their annual pool tournament fundraiser.  The Raiders Booster Organization is big on passion for their team led by quarterback Derek Carr,  and community service. Fighting breast cancer is one of the many causes they support.  ” Knights of the Shield has many family members who have been impacted by breast cancer.  Our club president had a sister who was impacted by breast cancer,” says member Elaine Alvarez.

   Last year, the Knights of the Shield in Fresno raised $1,500 at their pool tournament and donated it to the Race for the Cure.  This year they’d like to double that amount.  “The more you join forces with other people, the stronger that effort becomes,” says Alvarez.

   The tournament is coming up.  They’re hoping for a big turnout.  Racking up wins on the pink table to scratch out breast cancer.