A threat of violence on social media didn’t stop congressional candidate Andrew Janz from holding his planned town hall Wednesday morning.

Janz, who is running against Rep. Devin Nunes in California’s 22nd Congressional District, had planned to meet with a group of senior citizens to talk about issues that affect seniors.

The event was held at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

A man on Twitter posted a threat of violence against Janz and the people at the town hall.

“How about I waste you and everybody in the Clovis town tall” the tweet said.

Undeterred, Janz pushed forward with the town hall event — which had a large police presence from the Clovis Police Department who made sure no violence occurred.

“This is an event that involves senior citizens. This is at our Veteran’s Hall, and so for anyone to make this threat — whether it’s a joke or if it’s serious — is something that should not be happening in our modern day discourse,” Janz said Wednesday.

Detectives have interviewed the Janz supporter who the tweet was sent to, and they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the tweets, the Police Department said.