A political activist escorted out of Governor Newsom’s swearing-in ceremony, heckling Newsom just as he was about to take his oath of office. That protester is from Fresno and you may have seen him before.

Ben Bergquam was broadcasting his protest on Facebook live like he usually does. This time he attacked Governor Newsom.

Before it became official.

“Now let’s get to work! Thank you all very much,” said Newsom to a large crowd of supporters.

Before Gavin Newsom declared the eyes of America were on California.

“I object! I object,” shouted Ben Bergquam as he protested the swearing-in of California’s 40th governor.

Bergquam explained why he began to yell out that moment.

“He’s already broken that oath. It was a slap in the face to every American citizen, to Ronil Singh’s family in particular. Every American citizen that’s been victimized by the policies that he put into place. It was the absolutely appropriate time to call him out,” said Bergquam.

“Corporal Ronil Singh’s blood is on your hands,” yelled Bergquam before being walked out.

During the brief protest, Bergquam brought up the sanctuary state law. He says the murder of Newman Police Officer Ronil Singh should be blamed on politicians in favor of SB54. The man accused of shooting Singh to death, is Pablo Virgen Mendoza, a Mexican national who officials say entered the US illegally.

In 2014, Chowchilla Police arrested Mendoza for DUI — three years before SB54 was signed into law by then Governor Jerry Brown who reportedly said in an interview that Mendoza’s alleged crimes aren’t connected to SB54.

“I think it’s absolute nonsense to say ‘oh well the sanctuary state law wasn’t in place.’ Gavin Newsom and the sanctuary city policy and the other sanctuary policies had been in place for decades. And they had neutered law enforcement’s ability to work with immigrations and customs enforcement. That is what got Corporal Ronil Singh killed,” said Bergquam.