Police send message to gang members after double-shooting in Northwest Fresno


A 22 and 20-year-old shot, rushed to the hospital Tuesday night, at Fairmont and Holt avenues.

“We believe that there may be rival gangs that fired upon these two victims,” Fresno Police Department Lt. Mark Hudson said.

The scene reminiscent of a July 2018 shooting, which left two dead, another injured.

“The absolute worst apartment complex in the city of Fresno,” Lt. Carl McKnight said the afternoon of that fatal shooting. 

One of five other shootings in 2018, according to police.

In January of this year, an apartment and car also struck by gunfire, but police say through it all, they’ve been working to clean things up.

“We made quite an impact in there, in fact, that double murder and shooting, as horrible as it was, was the only time anyone was injured by gunfire in that neighborhood in all of 2018,” Capt. Burke Farrah said. 

The Northwest commander says, the department has been working to evict gang members, partnering with management, and had already identified the apartment where Tuesday night’s shooting took place, as a problem.

“We’re bringing everything we can to bear, because the vast majority, 216 of those 218 apartments, are not really a problem,” Farrah said. “It’s those two we’re working on now.”

Farrah says patrols have identifed possible areas for gang retaliation, and hope to bring the neighborhood back to normal.

“The message we have for Fresno’s gangsters is, we’re out and about, not a good night to come out and play,” Farrah said. 

Officials say the victims of last night’s shooting, are in critical and stable condition.

Reporting in Northwest Fresno, Megan Rupe.

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