FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A security guard shot and killed Tuesday night at a Fresno Motel has been identified by police. Fresno police say 24-year-old Phil Frusetta died after being shot at the Motel 6 at Blackstone and Griffith.

According to police, Frusetta was shot after approaching a group of people who were shouting at one another on the second level of the motel. Police say Frusetta was employed by Black Python Security in Fresno.

“He was an unarmed guard who was assigned specifically to the Motel 6,” said Lt. Larry Bowlan with the Fresno Police Department. Bowlan also says police don’t know if the suspects were staying at the motel, and that prior to the shooting, Frusetta verbally confronted the suspects.

“Our victim was not assaulted during this incident, and at some point during that, a member of that group shot our victim and multiple people ran from the area,” Lt. Bowlan said.

A spokesperson for Motel 6 released a statement that reads:

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the killing of a security guard who worked at a Motel 6 in Fresno, California. The safety and security of our guests and property team members is our top priority.”

In 2017, a different Motel 6 just a half-mile north along Blackstone was the scene of another fatal shooting where 25-year-old Carl Williams also was shot and killed by Kori Muhammad while working as a private security guard. Muhammad would later go on a shooting spree in Downtown Fresno that left three dead. Muhammad is now serving life in Prison.

Jeromy McHenry owns a private security company in Fresno. He says had his company been contracted at motels in the area where Philip Frusetta was killed, he would take the utmost precaution.

“I would probably take a look at crime statistics,” McHenry said. “I might actually consider that it might be an armed site.”

Law enforcement is asking members of the public to contact the Fresno Police Department with any information on this incident.