A crime-in-progress, which could have you laughing, as a 43-year-old suspected burglar enters a business, then gets jiggy with it.

“I looked at the video,” Fresno Police Lieutenant Joe Gomez said. “It’s really hysterical.”

We showed that video to Brett Runyon, the assistant managing partner at his firm, here, at 2440 West Shaw.

“Oh my gosh, I did not see this,” Runyon said. “That leads me to believe he’s obviously, his faculties aren’t all there.” 

Sunday, police say David Seale used keys, which were copies, to enter this building and Runyon’s firm’s office. 

Officials say Seale came in and out 10 to 15 times, from midnight to 10 a.m., stealing a laptop and cash. They say Seale returned with the $2,500 computer Tuesday morning.

“Saying he was doing business for an attorney in here, working on a 259 project,” Gomez said.

Coming face to face with a female employee. 

“When she locked the door, he apparently said, ‘You can’t keep me out,'” Runyon said. “And he got out a key, and he opened the door, in the middle of the day.”

Police say Seale took off, but was found across the street at Shaw and Hughes avenues.

Runyon says, employees saw a hatchet in Seale’s bag.

While the firm has already changed locks, Runyon says, it will be amping-up security.

“The utmost important thing for us, is to make sure our staff, our employees, are safe here,” Runyon said. “And have a safe place to come and work.”

“The mystery right now, is where did he get the keys,” Gomez said.

Police say Seale may be homeless.

They also say when he was arrested, he lied to officers, giving the name of his cousin as his own.

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe.