A 16-year-old is behind bars, accused of taking a pistol with a high capacity magazine to Lemoore High School on Monday.

The boy faces possible expulsion for possessing a firearm but he’s not the only one in trouble with the law. Police seized multiple guns from the teen’s dad before arresting him as well.

Principal Rodney Brumit says in his 15 years at Lemoore High School. This is the first time a student has been caught with a gun on campus. Brumit says the 16-year-old opened up his backpack to a classmate.

“This student said basically ‘do you wanna see something cool?’ and the kid said ‘I don’t think that you’re supposed to have that at school’,” said Brumit.

A teacher notified administration. Brumit says the school did not need to lock down because police recovered the gun immediately. Investigators say the student didn’t make any threats.

“Through social media and looked at cell phones and computers and called other students, and so they were very confident that this was an isolated incident,” said Brumit.

A search warrant at the teen’s home revealed additional firearms. Police found another gun in a car owned by the student’s father, 47-year-old David Escalera. Detectives say the guns were unsecured and accessible.

“I tell people if you’re gonna make an investment into buying a firearm, you need to make an investment to keep it locked up,” said Doug Hodson.

At Kings Gun Center in Hanford, Hodson advises customers on gun security options. He says there’s no excuse for parents who own guns to be irresponsible.

“It is a law in California that if you do have a child in the home under 18 years of age, that they need to be locked up and kept away from the kids.”

Escalera is charged with felony child endangerment, criminal storage of a firearm possession of an assault weapon and possession of a firearm with altered serial numbers. Brumit says a recent trend of social media threats is another obstacle for his staff. He encourages the community to speak up.

“If there’s any concern at all, I would just encourage students, parents and community members to contact the school directly or contact Lemoore Police Department,” said Brumit.

The 16-year-old is in custody at the Kings County Juvenile Detenction Center. Escalera Sr. is in Kings County Jail. His bail is set at $95,000.