Police investigating death of a deer hunter in Ohio

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A deer hunter was killed in mid-Michigan on Friday and now police are searching for the person who pulled the trigger.

Bath Township Police and first responders in Clinton County were called to the scene around 10 p.m. on Friday for what they were told, was a cardiac or respiratory arrest problem.

Officers responded to state-owned land near the 8500 block of East Clark Road, which is about three miles east of Bath.

There, police and first responders said they discovered the 67-year-old Lansing man unresponsive.

Authorities said they did not administer first aid because they said the man as already beyond recovery.

Police soon determined that the hunter had been shot by another person while he was on public property and wearing bright orange apparel.

Bath Township Police and the DNR are working with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan State Police to figure out what happened.

At this time, there is no suspect but police are interviewing several people and looking for more information.    

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