Police Arrest Madera Murder Suspect

FRESNO - MADERA, Calif. --  On Tuesday night Madera Police arrested 21 year old Anthony Salvaterra for the murder of fellow gang member, 16 year old Isaiah McGuire. 

"It was not a red on blue or blue on red that you often see. It was their own gang that shot their own person," said Lt. Gino Chiaramonte, Madera Police. 

The shooting happened on Sunday night. Police said 4 Norteno gang members met at an alley on the 200 block of B street in Madera for a meeting. Police said it turned into a fight and Salvatierra pulled out a gun. 

"He was aiming for another person in the gang. It just so happens the victim was in line of fire and one of the rounds struck him," said Lt. Chiaramonte. 

Shortly after, police said Salvatierra and a friend were seen on surveillance camera dropping McGuire off at the hospital.

On Tuesday police found Salvatierra in Madera and arrested him.

"His bags were packed his claim was that he was going to la for work. We believe we caught him before he got on the run," said Lt. Chiaramonte. 

Police said they are just thankful they could find justice for the family of 16 year old Isaiah McGuire. 

"We still lost a member of a community 16 years of age and we felt their pain especially during the holidays," said Lt. Chiaramonte. 

Police said Salvatierra began admitting to the crimes while in custody.

He is charged with murder and attempted murder. 

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