Picklemania hits the US


It’s pickle paradise at the Pickle Guy in New York….. where you’ll find a wide variety.
but one of the hottest items isn’t the pickles themselves. 
Store owner Alan Kaufman says the juice has become a popular hangover treatment…. and fitness fanatics buy it beliEving the sodium and potassium inside help muscles recover.
but some people like Bridgette Barkin just like it for the taste. 

Pickles are also starting to pop up in all sorts of products.
From pickle flavored popcorn… to vodka… cotton candy and even pickle bouquets for that special someone. 

At this New York restaurant, pickle ice cream is a top seller. 

Kaufman, who’s been in the pickle business for 38 years is keeping up with the times and now pickles 40 different items including sweet onions, pineapple, and mango. 
You could say this trend is the real dill.

The famous pickle company Vlasic has just announced it will release pickle chips. Pickles will be vacuum fried and have the same consistency as potato chips.

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