A high-paying scavenger hunt — over $2,000 was hidden in Fresno Wednesday, with a lucky group of people having the chance to search for it.

The Hidden Cash hunt was organized by Slotomania, a company that developed a social gaming app. It’s part of the company’s west coast tour. It started in Portland, but the Fresno stop was the first scavenger hunt of the tour.

You had to register for the hunt beforehand to get the starting location, which was the Save Mart Center’s parking lot. Four envelopes were hidden, each worth $500.

Around 1 p.m., organizers revealed the link to the clue, which read:

  • In the big park of the warden of the woods, seek the envelopes between the Roman theater, the lake fo ducks and the Japanese garden.

Suzanne Walker knew to head right to Woodward Park, as did many other hunters. However, she and her son managed to come out as winners.

“When we first parked and came in, everybody was running this way,” said Walker. “The platform statue thing, I looked underneath and I pulled it down.”

The duo found two of the four envelopes, meaning they pocketed $1,000. Part of the pot will be going to new tires for Walker’s car.

“Tags are due on the 8th of November, too,” Walker said as she began to tear up. “Thank you Slotomania, thank you Hidden Cash.”

Another winner we met, Vincent Orosco, said the money would go toward a birthday dinner for his mom this weekend.

Adam Carell, an account manager for Slotomania, said the goal of the tour — and all of its events — is to show their fans how much their appreciated.

“[We want to] build a real, personal connection with those people, so it’s not just us behind a screen. We’re real people,” he said.

Last time Fresno has a Hidden Cash hunt was in 2014 when Jason Buzi organized it in several cities across the state. He helped Slotomania organize theirs in the area.

Slotomania’s tour goes on the Los Angeles and San Diego areas next. You can register for those stops’ Hidden Cash hunts by clicking here.