People living in North Fork brace for potential flooding


Some people living in North Fork are keeping a close eye on Willow Creek, which has caused some flooding in the past.

PG&E issued a warning that the Bass Lake dam could reach spill levels as the next storm system brings more rain.

“It has risen quite a bit even just since this morning,” Lydia Saldana said. Saldana’s home is located next to Willow Creek, which is notorious for flooding.

The fast moving creek slowing inching closer to her backyard, some of the water already swallowing some of her outside furniture. “We just take whatever is important to us.

Luckily, my parents live a couple of miles away so we going to stay with them, and we just wait until we can come back and see if there is any major damage done,” she said.

PG&E crews were out at Bass Lake as the water had risen about foot in just 24 hours. The electrical company issued a warning of a possible flooding as the dam reaches spill levels.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office also keeping a close eye on other parts of North Fork for potential flooding.

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