Paul Evert's RV Country warehouse destroyed by massive fire

Fire officials say the building is a multimillion dollar loss

FRESNO, Calif. - Firefighters responded to Paul Evert's RV Country just after 6 PM Tuesday night for a three-alarm fire. Eyewitness News spoke to a man who works there and he's worried he may no longer have a job. He says there are about 60-70 employees working at Paul Evert's, many living paycheck to paycheck. Now their warehouse is complete loss after an explosive fire. 

"An individual called me and said the place was on fire and I said no, you're kidding," said Rod Ploeckelmann.

No jokes told as Rod Ploeckelmann pulled over off Highway 99 to witness heavy flames shoot up from a warehouse as heavy smoke rose above the Paul Evert's sign. Ploeckelmann -- a technician here for 20 years, is worried. 

"I'm concerned about some of the other jobs that are gonna be in limbo," said Ploeckelmann.

Fire officials say someone alerted employees of smoke just before 6 PM Tuesday night.

"They noticed a small fire in back of the RV stored inside the building where the fire's out right now. They tried to extinguish the fire, did their best and they got out and called 911," said Captain Jeremiah Wittwer of Fresno County Fire.

More than 30 fire fighters from neighboring agencies rushed to the scene, hitting the flames with massive amounts of water from up above. Captain Wittwer says crews faced hazards inside the building.

"Propane tanks. There is still some RVs that were inside the building. Most of the contents in that building are gonna be a complete loss," said Wittwer.

A multi-million dollar loss according to Wittwer. The building is 12 to 15,000 square feet and houses dozens of workers. Ploeckelmann says he hopes for the best. 

"I'm not sure what's gonna happen. I guess I'll find out in the morning," said Ploeckelmann.

No injuries were reported. Crews are working to put out hot spots as investigators are trying to track the cause of the fire. 

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