Parlier one vote away from approving commercial marijuana business

Genezen has plans to grow pot in Parlier industrial park

Parlier, Calif. - The City of Parlier is on the verge of granting its very first commercial pot permit. Parlier city leaders are eyeing a deal with a large company from the Bay Area called Genezen. This is the same company that already struck a deal to open a facility in Hanford's industrial park.

After months of planning and discussions city leaders in Parlier and preparing to pave the way for allowing a commercial marijuana business to come and grow marijuana in their community, but not before they hear from the public one more time.

"We're going to hear the public out and hopefully that we've already addressed a lot of concerns,' said Parlier City Manager Samuel Escobar

Parlier city leaders are prepared to approve permits for a large campus style commercial marijuana grow run by a company called Genezen. The company has similar plans in place for Sacramento, Hollister, and Hanford. 

"We're hoping the work we're doing here is going to spur retail development, residential development, commercial development All those things all the way around," Genezen spokesperson Randi Knott said outside of a city meeting in Hanford last fall. 

Parlier City Manager Samuel Escobar says a deal with Genezen could reshape the future of the city. 

"This has been a process that the city has undertaken as a potential source of providing new jobs and also income for the city as well," said Escobar. 

But Parlier's police chief says a marijuana business in Parlier must me heavily secured. 

"State of the art surveillance inside and outside, walls that can't be penetrated by a vehicle because we know our locals here and gang members and thieves are going to try to do something to get into this building," said Parlier Police Chief Jose Garza. 

And his force will need help.

"That's my main concern because as it is right now we don't have the resources for this company to be here," said Chief Garza. 

But city leaders say the permitting fees will help fund the additional resources for police.

"If we need to add one or two officers to make sure the industrial park is being patrolled more often, then that's a charge that will go to Genezen for the permit," said Escobar.  

"That special meeting about opening up Parlier to commercial marijuana business will be held at the city council chambers at 6:30 Friday night. City leaders say if all the plans pass they expect Genezen to begin operations sometime around September of 2018.

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