Over 50 guns and Nazi memorabilia found in Southern California home


HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California man who was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats following a dispute over a dove release at a funeral had dozens of unregistered guns and Nazi paraphernalia in his home, police said Wednesday.

Mitchell Todd, 51, was arrested Tuesday night at his Huntington Beach home and was undergoing a psychological evaluation, Laguna Beach police Sgt. Jim Cota said.

The trouble started after Todd was hired by a Laguna Beach man to release doves at his adult son’s funeral.

The funeral ran long, angering Todd, who left before releasing the doves but still demanded payment, Cota said.

He said the grieving father refused to pay, after which Todd began making threatening calls and sending texts to the father, including one in which he said: ”‘Maybe you need to go where your son went.’”

The most recent call was a voicemail that included the sound of a gun being readied to fire, Cota said.

“That’s when we drew the line and said, ‘Enough, this guy has to be stopped,’” Cota said.

Police found 57 guns in Todd’s home, only 12 of which were registered, Nazi flags and a photo of Adolph Hitler, Cota said.

He said police are investigating whether Todd has any ties to hate groups.

Todd was being psychologically evaluated partially because he previously experienced a traumatic brain injury, Cota said.

It was not immediately clear if Todd has a lawyer.

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