Valley resident Mike Gilbert, OJ Simpson’s former sports agent and former friend, says the knife reportedly found on Simpson’s property is not the murder weapon.
Friday brought yet another twist in the OJ Simpson murder case. Los Angeles Police are investigating the discovery of a knife reportedly found on the property, once owned by Simpson. 
Friday night, we spoke with Mike Gilbert, who’s known OJ Simpson for years. He questioned the need for a press conference and believes the discovery of this knife and its connection to this case, is far-fetched. 
“Why have a press conference just to say that we have a knife?” Gilbert questioned. “Why not make sure?”
“Let’s just say that OJ did bury a knife at Rockingham. Within a few days of OJ being arrested, he would have contacted some of us in that inner circle and asked somebody to go get it and get rid of it. I mean it would just be logical, you’re not going to leave it there.”
Interest in the famous murder case has continued now for 22 years. 
For many, the interest has been re-sparked with the new FX show, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” that began in February 2016. 
Gilbert says Simpson is guilty, “I know he did it, I know he did it.”
In 2008, Gilbert published a book, “How I helped OJ Get Away With Murder: The Shocking Inside Story of Violence, Loyalty, Regret and Remorse.” In his book, Gilbert detailed his relationship to OJ and what happened during the investigation.
Gilbert says when the trial ended, he was with OJ at his home.  He says that’s when his friend confessed to the murders.
“He was very emotional, so I thought you know, this is the time to ask,” Gilbert recalls. “And so I just flat ask him, I said, ‘OJ, what happened that night? What happened?’ And he stopped and he looked at me and he asked, ‘What do you think happened’?”
Gilbert said he didn’t say anything to officials immediately after the conversation because the trial had ended, and it wouldn’t have changed the outcome.
Gilbert was in Yosemite when he learned about the death of Nicole Brown Simpson, OJ’s former wife. He said when the pair broke up the last time, OJ was on a downhill spiral. 
“I said he finally did it.” 
The murder weapon was never found. Now, a possible piece of evidence is being tested. Friday, LAPD said a traffic officer recently turned a knife over to detectives, that was allegedly given to him 12 years ago. 
“He claimed that an individual who claimed to be a construction worker provided him with this knife, claiming it was found on the property.” LAPD Spokesman Andrew Neiman said. 
“OJ could never really explain where the knife went, that was in the box, the box was just laying there,” Gilbert said.
Gilbert says if the knife was somehow linked to the murders, it may give some comfort to the Brown and Goldman families. However, he strongly believes the public will soon learn, it is not.
“It’s a false hope. It’s not going to be the knife.”
Despite what happens in the knife investigation, Simpson cannot be tried again in the deaths because of the double jeopardy clause. He currently is serving 33 years in prison on unrelated charges.