The young woman who admits to livestreaming a crash that killed her sister spoke out exclusively to Eyewitness News.

In a phone interview from jail, Obdulia Sanchez said she’s remorseful and has regrets.

The California Highway Patrol said Sanchez was under the influence when she rolled her car into a barbed wire fence and then into a field near Los Banos last month.

Her sister Jacqueline, 14, was thrown from the car and died.

Another 14-year-old riding in the car hurt her leg.

Eyewitness News’ Matt Mendes spoke with Sanchez.

“I didn’t even know I looked like a monster – like I look like a freaking horrible monster. That was not my intention at all,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez is talking about an Instagram live video she recorded while driving on July 21.

“We were perfectly freaking fine. We were perfectly freaking fine. Then next thing I know, we started going left. We started going left, then I started to stop the car. Then we flipped over,” she said.

Eyewitness News is not showing the graphic video after the crash.

Sanchez’s defense attorney said Sanchez had a blowout on Highway 165 and Henry Miller Road.

“That’s when I just started freaking out. And then – I look in the back seat – and there’s nobody in the back seat, and that’s when I started freaking out,” Sanchez said.

Jacqueline and her friend were thrown from the car.

“I knew she was dead. Because I took her pulse and she had no pulse,” she said.

Sanchez continued to livestream after the crash and continued to livestream after calling 911 for help – even showing her sister’s dead body.

She says her other sister then called her – not knowing about the crash.

“And then I didn’t know what to say. My little sister said ‘dad wants you to be home in an hour. Where are you guys?’ And I just started balling – crying. Like I didn’t know what to tell my dad,” Sanchez said.

The trio was heading to Stockton – for Sanchez’s sister’s Catholic Confirmation Ceremony the next day.

Sanchez admitted this was not the first time she’s livestreamed while driving.

“We do it all the time – all the time. Trust me, it’s like a reflex. Like I haven’t crashed, you know?” she said. “Everybody does it. Everybody does. They take Snapchats. Everybody does it. Why not? People take video of them in cars like all the time. And I’m only 18 – we’re still young.”

Nearly a month later, Sanchez has pleaded not guilty to drunk driving and gross vehicular manslaughter.

She now sits behind bars – thinking about what her sister killed in the crash meant to her.

“She’s 14. She’s like my mini-me – like my best friend. She looked just like me. Any time I look at her, it’s like I’m looking at myself. It makes me like – it makes me really sad that she’s gone,” Sanchez said.

She said that since the crash she has received death threats.

“You’re only going to make my parents suffer more. You’re not going to help anybody else,” Sanchez said. “My parents are grieving. They want me back home. The house is super lonely without us. We were like the joy of the house.”

Sanchez says she’s adamant she is sorry about what happened that day.

“Just because I’m not crying a river now on the phone, [it] doesn’t mean I’m not remorseful,” Sanchez said.

But she has one regret.

Sanchez said, “If I would’ve known that was going to happen that day, I would’ve never left the house – ever.”