A medical clinic in northern Armenia will soon be fully operational thanks to a gift from Fresno community members.

In 1988 a strong earthquake struck Gyumri and killed thousands of people, and the city itself hasn’t been fully rebuilt. The Berlin chapter of the Red Cross built a medical clinic in 1993 to help the people here. It’s one of the many humanitarian projects that have taken place.

The winters in Gyumri are so harsh and the heating costs are so high that the medical center can’t fully operate at full capacity in the cold season, but help is on the way.

The North Fresno Rotary has secured a $100,000 donation in part from local contributions and Rotary International to install a solar panel at the Berlin clinic.

There are typically 300 days of sunshine in Gyumri, so these new solar panels should really play a big role in keeping this medical center operational at full capacity year round.

About 70,000 people are treated at the clinic every year. The energy savings will allow the clinic to update equipment and expand its services.