Newsom Threatens To Withhold Gas Tax Dollars From Clovis, Other Cities Over Housing Production


FRESNO, Calif.  — A new proposal by Governor Newsom threatens to withhold gas tax dollars from cities, over housing production.

Newsom said California cities falling behind on state housing goals may lose the road repair dollars. Clovis is one of those cities.

“I think the last thing the Governor ought to do is threaten Central California,” said Assemblyman Jim Patterson. 

Assemblyman Jim Patterson said Clovis remains one of the few affordable places in California. 

“I think it is a mistake to interfere in successful local planning and i think it will make housing much more difficult and expensive,” said Assemblymember Jim Patterson. 

Newsom’s proposed plan to withhold the transportation dollars is part of a goal to meet the state’s target of constructing 3.5 million new units by the year 2020.

In February, Governor Newsom called on Clovis and around 50 others saying that it was out of compliance with state affordable housing requirements.

When we spoke with the City’s Manager in February he said they are working on it.

“This is one that, we’re doing a whole bunch of things right, and we’re doing this one thing wrong, and we got in trouble for it,” Luke Serpa, City manager of Clovis said. “But we’ll get it corrected.”

This plan is already getting push back from both democrats and republicans. Some are saying this is not what was communicated to tax payers.

If the plan goes through the cities will not get funding starting in 2023. 

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