New safety bollards will be coming to downtown Clovis


Clovis City Council approved the installation of permanent circular steel poles known as bollards throughout the city to ensure public safety when they host public events.

Nicholas Torstensen is the associate civil engineer for the city of Clovis. He says that these bollards are made to stop a vehicle the size of a truck driving at a speed of 30 mph.

“They are retractable bollards,” Torstensen says. “So, they would go down into the ground and come up out of the ground and lock into place.”

According to Torstensen the city worked closely with Clovis Police to get this project passed.

Curtis Shurtliff is a corporal for Clovis Police Department. He says these bollards are simply made to stop vehicles.

“It’s a different world than we live in ten years ago,” says Shurtliff. “Of course we worry about what’s happening in the world and although we are a small little town in central California.”

According to Shurtliff farmers markets, events associated with the rodeo, and other events are often held on well traveled city streets. But, the steel poles would serve as a line of defense for those attending events held on city thoroughfares.

Shirley Gambero is the assistant manager at Madeleine’s Bridal Boutique. She says that when there are events downtown foot traffic surges and installing safety bollards would make everyone safer.

“The traffic would be minimized and directed in the right manor.” says Gambero. “So, that pedestrians would be safe.”

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