National Weather Service assess the Tornado damage


The national weather service has upgraded the tornado that hit Fresno County to EF1.

It touched down near Clovis in the area of Herndon and Academy. 

The national weather service came out Friday to the site to access that damage. 

They confirmed at least four structures were damaged or destroyed. 

“Did lift up the roof and structure of the home back there, blowing debris about 10-15 yards as well as minor damage to other small house back behind me and another couple of trees,” said Jerald Meadows, a meterologist with the National Weather Service. 

Based on the damage assessed, experts said the tornado hit for 5-10 minutes at about 70-90 miles per hour. 

“That particular storm was rotating, probably started rotating about 5-10 miles west of here and then moved through and actually developed the tornado,” Meadows said. 

The national weather service added that tornados are uncommon the Fresno County area.

They said the last one happened in 2012.

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